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TAP Proof Album Inserts

Proof Album Inserts

Starting At $11.54 USD when you order 1 4X6-2 - GE-46-2 BLK LEAVES - GE Clear W/Black Divider

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PRICE PER Proof Album Inserts
Item / SizeColorPrice for 1
3X5-3 - BB-35-3 BLK LEAVESBB Clear W/Black Divider12.75
4X5-2 - GE-45-2 WHITE LVS.GE Clear W/White Divider11.54
4X5-2 - GE-45-2 BLK LVS.GE Clear W/Black Divider11.54
4X5-3 - BB-45-3 WH LEAVESBB Clear W/White Divider13.21
4X5-3 - BB-45-3 BLK LEAVESBB Clear W/Black Divider13.21
4X6-2 - GE-46-2 WH LEAVESGE Clear W/White Divider11.54
4X6-2 - GE-46-2 BLK LEAVESGE Clear W/Black Divider11.54
4X6-3 - BB-46-3 BLK LEAVESBB Clear W/Black Divider15.16
5X5-2 - BB-55-2 WHITE LVS.BB Clear W/White Divider13.21
5X5-2 - BB-55-2 BLK LEAVESBB Clear W/Black Divider13.21
5X7-2 - GE-57-2 WHITE LVS.GE Clear W/White Divider13.21
5X7-2 - GE-57-2 BLK LEAVESGE Clear W/Black Divider13.21

Product Description

Clear acetate insert with paper dividers. BB Inserts are for 3 ring Proof Albums. GE Inserts are for 2 ring Proof Albums. Inserts accommodate Big Bargain, Vintage, and Concord Proof Albums. Inserts sold in packs of 25.

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TAP Discounts

  • Buy 10 get 1 free on Tap albums, inserts, mats, proof books, and folios (must be all the same style item). To activate discount add 11 total items to your cart.  Style refers to the product type: album, insert, or proof book. 

Disclaimer - Only 1 product discount can be applied to each individual album, folio, or pack of inserts and mats.

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