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CD Easel

Starting At $14.00 USD when you order 10 4X5 - CD EASEL EBONY/EBONY - Ebony/Ebony

  • Brand:TAP
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Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
4X5 - CD EASEL EBONY/EBONYEbony/Ebony1.401.070.950.84 50
4X6 - CD EASEL EBONY/EBONYEbony/Ebony1.511.171.040.93 50

Product Description

Present that CD of photos in a fun way with this CD/DVD Photo Easel.

  • Designed to hold one print and one CD/DVD
  • Choose from either a 4 x 5 or 4 x 6 print size
  • Made with a linen finish stock
  • Features a top-loading design for ease of use
  • Folds for delivery and then stands when it's time to display the print

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