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photo case

TAP Photo Case - Boutique Line

Starting At $12.91 USD when you order 10 5X7 - Boutique Photo Case - Kraft

  • Brand:TAP
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PRICE PER TAP Photo Case - Boutique Line
Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
5X7 - Boutique Photo CaseChocolate1.290.99310.89370.7944 100
5X7 - Boutique Photo CaseRobin's Egg1.290.99310.89370.7944 100
5X7 - Boutique Photo CasePewter1.290.99310.89370.7944 100
5X7 - Boutique Photo CaseKraft1.290.99310.89370.7944 100
8X10 - Boutique Photo CaseChocolate1.961.50441.35391.2035 100
8X10 - Boutique Photo CaseRobin's Egg1.961.50441.35391.2035 100
8X10 - Boutique Photo CasePewter1.961.50441.35391.2035 100
8X10 - Boutique Photo CaseKraft1.961.50441.35391.2035 100
11X14 - Boutique Photo CaseChocolate2.712.08691.87821.6695 50
11X14 - Boutique Photo CaseRobin's Egg2.712.08691.87821.6695 50
11X14 - Boutique Photo CasePewter2.712.08691.87821.6695 50
11X14 - Boutique Photo CaseKraft2.712.08691.87821.6695 50

Product Description

The TAP Boutique Photo Case is constructed out of a printed board.  It can be used to deliver single or multiple prints with use of the scored edge.  The Tap Boutique Photo Case comes in 4 colors, and 3 sizes to accommodate a variety of print sizes.  Accessories shown are sold separately.

  • Constructed out of a printed board.
  • Accommodates up to 12 prints.
  • Socred edge can be folded out to increase carry capacity.
  • Colors: Chocolate, Robin's Egg, Pewter, Kraft
  • Sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14

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