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Tyndell T-50 Folder

T-50 Folder

Starting At $5.97 USD when you order 10 4X5 - Profit Line T-50 Folder - Black/Gold

  • Brand:Profit Line
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PRICE PER T-50 Folder
Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
4X5 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black0.600.47330.4330.3897 250
4X5 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold0.600.47330.4330.3897 250
4X6 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black0.660.5420.5110.4597 250
4X6 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold0.660.5420.5110.4597 250
4X6 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Silver0.660.52330.5110.4597 250
5X7 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black0.710.57110.53470.4817 250
5X7 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold0.710.57110.53470.4817 250
5X7 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Silver0.710.57110.53470.4817 250
6X4 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black0.740.58830.54240.4878 250
6X4 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold0.740.58830.54240.4878 250
6X8 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black0.830.64580.58140.5167 250
7X5 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black0.760.60110.55550.4999 250
7X5 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold0.760.60110.55550.4999 250
8X10 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black1.351.082611.006550.9059 100
8X10 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold1.351.082611.006550.9059 100
8X10 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Silver1.351.082611.006550.9059 100
10X8 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Gold1.411.124531.046320.94177 100
10X8 - Profit Line T-50 FolderBlack/Black1.411.124531.046320.94177 100

Product Description

The Profit Line T-50 portrait folder, is an easy way to enhance your photos at an affordable price.  The Profit Line T-50 is a great way to present your portraits to your clients in a professional manner while keeping your costs down and your profit margins high.  Don't forget to add foil imprinting to this photo folder with the name and date of your event or your studio die.

  • Constructed with a high density, high-quality recycled paper with a matte finish.
  • Accommodates 1 print.
  • Slip-in side loading folder with a deckled edge detail.
  • Comparable to other high end recycled portrait folders but priced 10-15% less.
  • Black with gold, silver or black foil border.

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