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Digital Easel

Digital Easel

Starting At $9.10 USD when you order 10 5X7 - DIGITAL EASEL - Ebony/Ebony

  • Brand:TAP
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PRICE PER Digital Easel
Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
5X7 - DIGITAL EASELEbony/Ebony0.910.700.630.57 100
8.5X11 - DIGITAL EASELEbony/Ebony1.451.121.010.90 100
8X10 - DIGITAL EASELEbony/Ebony1.250.960.850.76 100
10X13 - DIGITAL EASELEbony/Ebony1.551.191.070.95 100

Product Description

The TAP Digital Easel is perfect for displaying a variety of images. The black border and embossed die-cut corners give this mount a classic look, and will enhance and frame your images nicely.

  • Constructed with high-quality black board
  • Embossed die-cut slots hold prints in place
  • Four corner “tuck in” load
  • Designed to show the full frame of the image
  • Dual easel on the back to accommodate a vertical or horizontal print


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