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TAP Sycamore


Starting At $14.30 USD when you order 10 7X5/3X5 - Sycamore Folder - Ebony/Gold

  • Brand:TAP
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PRICE PER Sycamore
Item / SizeColor10 100 1000 5000 Box Quantity
6X4/4X6 - Sycamore FolderEbony/Gold1.591.221.090.98 250
7X5/3X5 - Sycamore FolderEbony/Gold1.431.100.990.89 250
7X5/5X7 - Sycamore FolderEbony/Gold1.741.351.211.07 250
10X8/5X7 - Sycamore FolderEbony/Gold2.251.731.561.38 100

Product Description

Cherish your special memories with the TAP Sycamore Photo Folder. Perfect for displaying an individual picture plus a group shot.

  • Constructed from recycled waffle stock
  • Bottom loading design
  • Folds to stand for easy display
  • Features one horizontal opening and one vertical opening
  • Black with a gold foil border

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