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crystal flash drive

Crystal Flash Drive

  • Brand:Tyndell
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PRICE PER Crystal Flash Drive
Item / SizeColor10 25 50 
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack16.2314.8512.7311.138410.608
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver16.2314.8512.7311.138410.608
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold16.2314.8512.7311.138410.608
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold16.2314.8512.7311.138410.608
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack22.4420.4216.4415.116412.1992
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver22.4420.4216.4415.116412.1992
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold22.4420.4216.4415.116412.1992
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold22.4420.4216.4415.116412.1992
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveSilver24.5622.5418.5617.23814.3208
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveGold24.5522.5518.5617.23814.3208
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveBlack24.5622.5418.5617.23814.3208
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold24.5522.5518.5617.23814.3208
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack31.5628.4323.8720.267417.291
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver31.5628.4323.8720.367417.291
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold31.5628.4323.8720.367417.291
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold31.5628.4323.8720.367417.291
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveSilver33.6830.5525.9922.48919.4126
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveGold33.6830.5525.9922.48919.4126
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveBlack33.6830.5525.9922.48919.4126
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold33.6930.5625.9922.48919.4126
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver40.7337.6634.6430.55128.0051
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack40.7337.6634.6430.55128.0051
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold40.7337.6634.6430.55128.0051

Product Description

Tyndell Crystal Flash Drives are an elegant high-end way to deliver your digital photography files.  They are perfect for wedding photographers and brides are sure to love them.  The caps come in 4 different colors: Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.  You can also choose from 4 different capacities: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, however 32GB is only available with a Black Cap or Silver Cap.  Pricing includes free engraving on one side only of the Crystal Flash Drive.  We are now offering select Crystal Flash Drives with new 3.0 USB transfer technology. 

  • Capped crystal drives are an elegant way to deliver your digital files.
  • 2.0 Capacities: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB (Silver or Black Only) - Wood Caps are not availabe in 2.0
  • 3.0 Capacities: 8GB and 16GB
  • 3.0 Technology:  The new 3.0 technology is a faster more reliable technology with a faster transfer speed and allows you to upload and download at the same time.
  • Flash Drive can be laser engraved on one side of the body.
  • Engraving will appear as an etched white finish.
  • Customizing your product:  For highest quality results please upload AI, PSD, or or high resolution (300 DPI) PNG files.  JPG files are not recommended. 

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