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PF-20 Folder

by TAP

Traditional paper folder is perfect for proms, school dances, onsite print and delivery, corporate parties and many other special events. Neutral gray color and inside mat beautifully frames your photo.

Discount Information:

  • Orders over $150.00 receive a 7% discount on full case quantities of TAP Folders, easels, and memory mates.
Product Tags: 10x13 10x8 10x8-2 11x14 3x5 4x5 4x6 4x6-2 5x5 5x7 5x7-2 6x4 7x5 7x5-2 8x10 8x10-2 8x12 Cardboard Photo Holder Cardboard Photo Sleeves Event Folder Event Photography Gray Folder Inexpensive Folder On Site Photography Packaging For Photographers Paper Sleeves Photo Folders Photo Packaging Supplies Photographer Packaging Photography Packaging Photography Packaging Supplies Tap Folder Top Loading


Price Per PF-20 Folder
Item / SizeColor10 100 500 1000 5000 Box Quantity
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3X5 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.340.2586X   0.23280.2069 500
4X5 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.390.2963X   0.26660.237 500
4X6 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.390.2963X   0.26660.237 500
4X6-2 - PF-20 GRAY FLDRGray0.800.6127X   0.55140.4902 100
5X5 - PF-20 GRAY FOLDGray0.390.2963X   0.26660.237 500
5X7 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.390.29630.2666X   0.237 500
5X7-2 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.830.637X   0.57330.5096 100
6X4 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.460.3563X   0.32070.285 500
7X5 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.510.3933X   0.35390.3146 500
7X5-2 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.890.6877X   0.61890.5502 100
8X10 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.790.6051X   0.54460.4841 250
8X10-2 - PF-20 GRAYGray1.471.1321X   1.01890.9057 100
8X12 - PF-20 GRAYGray0.970.7497X   0.67480.5998 250
10X8 - PF-20 GRAYGray1.090.8413X   0.75720.673 250
10X8-2 - PF-20 GRAYGray1.901.4581X   1.31231.1665 100
10X13 - PF-20 GRAY FLDRGray1.691.3031X   1.17281.0425 100
11X14 - PF-20 GRAYGray1.851.4223X   1.28011.1378 100
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$000.00 $000.00 saved
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$000.00 $000.00 savedFC!

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Typeset Imprinting
Add lines of text.
What is a Studio Die?
Studio Die Imprinting
Your company logo and/or information.
Commercial Die Imprinting
An event logo for one time use.
Title Imprinting
Choose from a selection of titles.
Screen Print
Your company logo or information screen printed on the fabric. Screen printing requires a minimum order of 20 total frame bags, you can mix and match sizes to reach 20.
Personalization – Personalized Text; Example: Bride and Groom’s name and date, or Students name and graduation year.
Sports Logo
Add a Sports Logo


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