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crystal flash drive

Crystal Flash Drive

Starting At $17.56 USD when you order 1 4GB - Crystal Flash Drive - Rose Gold

  • Brand:Tyndell
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PRICE PER Crystal Flash Drive
Item / SizeColor10 25 50 
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack17.5616.0813.7712.0511.48
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver17.5616.0813.7712.0511.48
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold17.5616.0813.7712.0511.48
4GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold17.5616.0813.7712.0511.48
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack24.2822.0917.8016.3613.20
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver24.2822.0917.8016.3613.20
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold24.2822.0917.8016.3613.20
8GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold24.2822.0917.8016.3613.20
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveSilver26.5724.3920.0918.6615.50
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveGold26.5724.3920.0918.6615.50
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveBlack26.5724.3920.0918.6615.50
8GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold26.5724.3920.0918.6615.50
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack34.1530.7725.8221.9418.72
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver34.1530.7725.8222.0418.72
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold34.1530.7725.8222.0418.72
16GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold34.1530.7725.8222.0418.72
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveSilver36.4433.0628.1324.3321.00
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveGold36.4433.0628.1324.3321.00
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveBlack36.4433.0628.1324.3321.00
16GB - 3.0 Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold36.4533.0628.1324.3321.00
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveSilver44.0840.7637.4733.0630.31
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveBlack44.0840.7637.4733.0630.31
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveRose Gold44.0740.7637.4833.0630.31
32GB - Crystal Flash DriveGold44.0740.7637.4833.0630.31

Product Description

Tyndell Crystal USB Flash Drives are an elegant high-end way to deliver your digital photography files. They are perfect for wedding photographers and videographers and brides are sure to love them. The caps come in 4 different colors: Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Customize your Flash Drive with FREE one-sided laser engraving or full color printing!

  • Capped Crystal Flash Drives are an elegant way to deliver your digital files
  • Pricing includes one-sided laser engraving or full color printing
  • Engraving will appear with an etched, finish
  • 3.0 Technology:  The new 3.0 technology is a faster more reliable technology with a faster transfer speed and allows you to upload and download at the same time
  • USB Customization: For highest quality results please upload AI, PSD, or high resolution (300+ DPI) PNG files; JPG files are not recommended

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